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ResidentialTop 5 Indian Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen Is the most important part of our home and probably the most used space in your home because it feeds you and your family. So it’s important to make your kitchen better and easy to use, and apart from kitchen appliances, give your kitchen the best designs which you’ll love and improve your mood while cooking. If you want to update the kitchen design, you have to move to a modular kitchen; here is why you need to shift to a modular kitchen rather than the normal traditional Indian kitchen.

Easy to assemble: The best feature of a modular kitchen is that it can easily assemble most parts. Any parts of the modular kitchen can be replaced or changed as per convenience.

Personalisation: Modular kitchen can be highly customised as per the customer’s requirements and also can fix according to your home.

Take less space: Modular kitchen gives your kitchen space and more carbonate for your crockeries and boxes, it gives your vertical space to store your appliance with multi-functionality.

More Convenient: Designing Company will design the kitchen which you have selected. You have complete control in the modular kitchen because you get the design before the construction rather than giving traditional carpenters where you don’t have complete control.

So, either you are renovating your kitchen or simply here for inspiration, check out our latest modular kitchen designs photos ideas.

Here are the top 3 modular kitchen ideas depending on your kitchen space

u shape Kitchen

1. U Shaped modular kitchen design

   U-shaped kitchen designs are for those who have multiple family members and want to enjoy meals together; this design is best for those who want a kitchen and dinner table in the same space.

L shaped Kitchen

2. L Shape modular kitchen design

L-shape designs are in trend, and many people are using them because the design is simple and looks good for almost every home. You can customize washing and cooking depending on your kitchen requirements and add multiple drawers and shelves.

Single Wall Kitchen

3. Single wall kitchen design

linear kitchen design is 1 line kitchen that is placed on a single wall, and this design is most suitable for a single person or a couple, cabinets mostly place overhead and wall-mounted

These are the most desirable kitchen designs in 2021 for Indians, and these are easy to manage kitchens. If you want to improve your existing kitchen design, check these little ideas, which will make a big difference and make your kitchen more versatile and elegant.

Kitchen Drawer

5. Replace traditional kitchen cabinets with modern drawers

In traditional cabinets, there is a lot of space, but you can’t put the multiple utensils, and a lot of space wastes moving to Morden drawers gives you space where you can add your cookies in a systematic way which increases space and looks more elegant.

Open Storage kitchen

6. Create multiple open shelves

If your kitchen is small, then you have to add open shelves in your kitchen, it gives an illusion of big space, and you can add more of your kitchen stuff according to the closed shelves, which look bulky and has less space to store.


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